Anca - anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody ancb - American Naturopathic Certification Board ancc - American Nursing Credentialing Center ancd - Australian National Council on Drugs ance - Association of Network for Community Empowerment ancf - Association Nationale Civam Fermier ancg - Armenian National Committee of Greece. O Brasileira de Tecnologia Gr? Awcm - Auto Web Content Management awcn - Associatie Water Coolers Nederland awco - Alabama Workers Compensation Organization awcp - Agricultural Workforce Certification Program awcq - Adolescent Well Check Questionnaire-ARC awcr - Australia Wide Computer Resources- awcs - Arabian World Construction Summit awct - Aquatic. Ajkq - Association of Japanese Karate of Quebec ajku - ALL japan karate union ajkv - A James Kent Volume ajla - Association of Junior Leagues of America ajlb - Anarcho Jazz Lobby Band ajlc - Adam Joseph Lewis Center ajld - All Japan Laundry. Jinsei Itchokusen ayjo - Atlanta Youth Jazz Orchestra aykm - Are You Kidding Me? O Brasileira de Treinamento e Desenvolvimento abte - Advanced Bicmos Technology Enhanced abtf - Associa? Rtige Kultur- und Bildungspolitik akbq - Aktion Kinder brauchen Qualit akbr - Antifascistiska Kommitt? Sens aakt - All Ask KaTie aaku - type of Chardonnay wine- name origin unknown aakv -?rhus Kommunale V?rker aakw - Artesia: Adventures in the Known World aakx - Amulco Asphalt Company AAR reporting mark aaky - Alcoholics Anonymous - Kentucky aakz - m users. Agds - Association of Garage Door Specialists agdt - Annabella Gonzalez Dance Theater agdv - Accueil Gastronomie De Vernon agea - Affinity Group of Evolutionary Anarchists ageb - Anti Gravity Explosive Ball agec - Asian Green Electronics aged - Advisory Group on Electronic Devices agee. Aoft - Anime Overload- Flaming Tempest aofu - Asia Ornamental Fish Union aofv - Association Odontologique France VietNam.

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    Re de l'Abitibi-T?miscamingue afau - Algonquin Fisheries Assessment Unit afav - Adoptive Families Association of Victoria afaw - Association of Filipino Architects in Washington. O Ultraleve apav - Associa? O Brasileira de Educa? Appp - Australian Pacific Paper Products appq - Association des Paysagistes Professionnels du Qu #233;bec appr - Advanced Project Password Recovery apps - Association of Professional Process Servers appt - Andhra Pradesh Profession Tax appu - Asian Pacific Postal Union appv - associazione pescatori provincia. Anaise auap - American Universities Admission Program auaq - Adolescent Unresolved Attachment Questionnaire auar - Asociaci? Awpl - Advanced Wood Products Laboratory awpm - Australian Water Project Management awpn - All Wales Psychotherapy Network awpp - Adaptive Wireless Path Protocol awpr - Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route awps - Anthony Wade Photo Services awpt - Australian Waterski Pro Tour awpv - America's. Michael aosn - Autonomous Ocean Sampling Network aoso - Administratie Ondersteunende Studies en Opdrachten aosp - Athabasca Oil Sands Project aosq - Another Old Shit Query aosr - An Objective System for Reading aoss - AirStation OneTouch Secure System aost - Advanced Orbiting Systems Testbed. Orientals asfp - Arquitectos Sem Fronteiras Portugal asfq - Abbreviated sexual function questionnaire asfr - Alt Sex Fetish Robot asfs - Atlanta Science Fiction Society asft - Advanced Solutions for Tomorrow asfu - Application Specific Full Use asfv - African Swine Fever Virus asfw.

    Herstel Groep Nederland ahgo - Americans for Hope Growth and Opportunity ahgp - American History. wiki User:Tobias_Conradi Free_geocodes aaor - Anti Aircraft Operations Room aaos - American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons aaot - Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer aaou - Association of Asian Open Universities aaov - Average Annual Output Value aaow - African Americans On Wheels aaox. Voile acvw - Association of Countryside Voluntary Wardens acvy - ACtiVitY acvz - Amsterdamse Club voor Zweefvliegen acwa - Association of California Water Agency acwb - Anti Corruption Without Borders acwc - American Cellars Wine Club acwd - Alameda County Water District acwe - Austin. Aoep - Association of Employment Professionals aoer - Advanced Outlook Express Repair aoes - Accredited Office Ergonomics Specialist aoet - aids Orphans Education Trust aoeu - commonly-used 'example' in e-mail addresses- see m aoev - Advanced Outlook Express recoVery aoew - Akkordeon Orchester Egloff Wettingen. Avka - atletiek vereniging. Auop - Arab Union of Photographers auor - authoriszor INC auos - Auburn University Ornithological Society.

    Org afat - plan de cuentas de una empresa de servicios hoteleros brantford L'Association foresti? Ltd akpm - Anugerah Kualiti Perdana Menteri akpn - Akademi Ketatalaksanaan Pelayaran Niaga akpp - Aaron Kwok Photo Page akpq - Anterior Knee Pain Questionnaire akpr - Allain Kaltenbach Plaisant Raimon akps - Association of Korean Political Studies akpt - Andy Klein Pontiac Truck akpv. Ola de Clubes de Orientaci? Anml - Advanced Network Management Lab anmm - Australian National Maritime Museum anmn - Abort No More Network anmo - Albuquerque New Mexico anmp - Aircraft Noise Mitigation Program anmr - American National Microsystem Resources anms - All Newton Music School anmt - Academy for. Amic - Advertising Media Internet Center amid - AustralAsian Music Industry Directory amie - ambassadors intl INC amif - Australian Marine Industries Federation amig - American Modern Insurance Group amih - Associate of the Midland Institute of Hypnotherapy amii - Arkansas Medicaid Information Interchange amij. E de la Noue apvo - Apprehended Personal Violence Order apvp - Association of Principals and Vice Principals apvq - Agence de Placement Vente Qu? Enne des Enseignants aedf - Algiers Economic Development Foundation aedg - Allen Economic Development Group aedh - Asociaci? Ayid - Awaken Your Interior Designer ayie - Al Yousuf Industrial Establishment ayif - A Year in Finance ayig - Afghan Youth Initiative Group ayih - albanian young intelligent hackers ayil - Australian Yearbook of International Law ayin - Afrikan Youth in Norway ayir. Org amos - and a modification of the Spanish amot - Accelerated Management of Technology amou - Australian Maritime Officers Union amov - Average Margin of Victory amow - All My Own Work amox - Amoco Oil Company amoz - American Oil Company ampa. Org afax - Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility afay - acre-feet per acre per year afaz - Anarchistisch feministisch autonome Zeitung afba - Australian Farriers and Blacksmiths Association afbb - Africa Federation of Body Building afbc - Advance Financial Bancorp afbd - Atmospheric Fluidized Bed afbe. Awue - Agricultural Water Use Efficiency awug - Albany Wireless Users Group awui - andrzej woznica uslugi internetowe awup - Alouette Water Use Plan awus - Arab Women Union Society awut - Allocated Wheels Up Time awuu - axis Wireless Upgrade Utility awuw - Accounts. Ajkl - Attorneys James Kay Lesley ajko - Air Jordan Knock Out. Rios abtq - antenna model- name origin unknown abtr - American Boston Terrier Rescue abts - American Board of Thoracic Surgery abtt - Alaska Beach Tundra Toons abtu - Associa? Of Energy Albuquerque Operations Office atmy - Annual Total Milk Yield atna - Auto Trim of North America atnb - A Total New Beginning atnc - Advanced Trauma Nursing Course atnd - Alan Tam News Digest atne - Association Terre Natale Et atnf - Autralia. Raire et Artistique Internationale alak - Applied Linguistics Association of Korea alal - demons sites d escort deinze from Chaldean mythology- http:. Auhv - Algemene Utrechtse Hengelaars Vereniging auhw - Aomori University of Health and Welfare auia - Arizona Utility Investors Association auib - American University in Bulgaria auic - Australasian User Interface Conference auid - Association of University Interior Designers auie - Anadolu University Industrial Engineering. Aytl - American Youth Tennis League aytm - Arkistot yhteiskunnan toimiva muisti aytn - Australian Yoga Teachers Network ayto - Are You The One? Amri - Artificial Muscle Research Institute amrj - Aresenal de Marinha do Rio de Janeiro amrk - amkor technology INC amrl - Advanced Materials Research LaboratoryMulti-Disciplinary amrm - Australian Model Railway Magazine amrn - African Midwives Research Network amro - Association of Medical Reporting Organisations. wiki User:Tobias_Conradi Free_geocodes aatr - Asian American Theatre Revue aats - American Association of Thoracic Surgery aatt - American Association of Teachers of Turkic aatu - Ann Arbor Tenants Union aatv - Amphibious All Terrain Vehicles aatw - All Around The World aatx. Anvu - ARS nostra VIS urbis anvv - Algemene Nederlanse Vereniging voor anwa - American Nordic Walking Association anwb - Algemene Nederlandse Wielrijdersbond anwc - Australian National Wildlife Collection anwd - Alex Nielsen Web Design anwf - Anti Nuclear War Fund anwg - Arctic and. Aaab - American Association of Architectural Bibliographers. Over TCP IP axpf - and xenopsin precursor fragment axph - axys pharmaceuticals INC axql - Another XML Query Language axqs - Asian X Games Qualifier (extreme sports axrl - Automated XML Rental Listing axrp - attosecond x ray pulse axsf - Animation- XCrySDen's-Structure-File axsi. Ola de Enfermeria Quir? Ajdl - Analysis Job Description Language ajdm - Alan. Exe is a spyware alias aeaz - Adult Education Association of Zambia aeba - Acute Exacerbation of Bronchial Asthma aebb - Actions pour l'Environnement?

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    Atwb - Anacortes Telescope amp; Wild Bird atwc - Atlantic Tropical Weather Center atwd - Advanced transient waveform digitizers atwe - Africa Through Western Eyes. Gallen azsh - Aktiv Zentrum Schleswig Holstein azsj - Apartado Zapoto San Jose azsl - Arse Zippo Style Lighter azsm - Automatic Zero Setting Mechanism azss - Akademicki Zwiazek Sportowy (Polish: Academic Sports azst - Acid Zirconium Sulphate Tetrahydrate azsu - All Zeliangrong Students Union. Aara - Antique Auto Racing Association aarb - American Association for Research in Baghdad aarc - Alamo Area Resource Center aard - Agency for Agricultural Research and Development aare - Accredited Auctioneer Real Estate aarf - Adoption and Rescue Foundation aarg - Atlanta Adventure Racing. Nna Svenska Elektrisa AB aseb - and Space Engineering Board # asec - Azienda Servizi Energetici Catania ased - Australian Services Electrical Data asee - American Society for Engineering Education asef - Alabama Science and Engineering Fair aseg - Advanced Systems Engineering Group aseh. Ardl - Akron Rubber Development Laboratory ardm - aradigm corp ardn - arden group INC ardo - Associate Regional Director of ardp - Australian Railway Detail Photos ardr - Annual Reports Departments Regulation ards - Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome ardt - Algebra Readiness Diagnostic Testing. Top Missing Submit AC Number of ACs found: 571 (84) acaa - Atlantic Colleges Athletic Association acab - Association of Community Access Broadcasters acac - Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference acad - Alberta College of Art and Design acae - Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education acaf. Aype - Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition aypf - American Youth Policy Forum aypi - And Your Point Is? B?cois aedr - Aggregated Experiment Data Record aeds - Automatic External Defibrillators aedt - Australian Eastern Daylight Time aedu - Agricultural Education aedv - Advocates to End Domestic Violence aedw - Acad?